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AC Line Reactors
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AC Line Reactors

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Acme carries a ful line of transformers including Buck Boost Transformers.

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AC Line ReactorAC Line Reactors have a function far different  from a Buck Boost Transformer. This information is being included here for the purpose of clarifying the differences and providing resources to cover that need should you actually be looking for an AC Line Reactor rather than a Buck Boost Transformer. It may also be the case that you will need both.

AC Line Reactors are not designed to raise or lower voltage, but to help smooth out variable conditions and maintain a more optimum voltage characteristic.

It often comes to pass that simply adjusting the voltage up or down is not the real issue. The situation may be that there are variable voltage conditions or the local usage is bringing about phenomena that will require some power conditioning to even out the effects of these phenomena on the voltage characteristics. This is the purpose of an AC Line Reactor. A Buck Boost Transformer will not address a variable problem, but is always used when there is a chronically low or high voltage condition to be adjusted.

If there is feedback, fluctuating voltage, power line disturbances, spikes, power surges, electrical noise, harmonics and other unwanted power characteristics, an AC Line Reactor is most likely what you are going to need to install to solve one or more of those issues.

AC Line Reactors are often valuable in protecting sensitive equipment; computers, logic controllers, telecommunication equipment, and other devices from damage due to such variables. They are also used as input filters for adjustable speed DC drives. Some low-inductance loads, particularly certain motors, will work better when preceded by an AC Line Reactor.

AC Line Reactors essentially work on the principle that an electromagnetic field has energy stored in it that will resist sudden changes. There is, in effect, an inertia to the energy in the field. By running the power through a special coil of windings, usually incorporating a metal core to concentrate the energy, a powerful field is created and any power flowing through it will tend to change slowly and with less distortion of the sine wave of AC power as a result of the changes being dampened and delayed. Amplitude of change will be less and its frequency longer.

If the above is not the issue you need to handle, check out the Other Popular Voltage transformers page, or go to one of the resource sites to the right and compare your needs with what is available. Our technicians can also advise you. Other specialized transformers not covered here exist for the purpose of handling adverse line conditions.

Contact TEMCo for your AC Line Reactor and other Power Transformer and electrical product needs. TEMCo carries most major brands and offers competitive pricing with quick delivery. Custom-made products are also available.


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