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Buck Boost Transformer InstallationBuck Boost Transformer Installation should be done by a licensed and trained professional. Faulty installation could lead to damage to equipment and, in some circumstances, fires. Also, there are codes locally and nationally that apply and these codes should be adhered to at all times,  Including use of conduit and electrical boxes as necessary.  Refer to the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the other appropriate international and local rules and codes.

Buck Boost Transformer Installation is preferable when you have to lower (buck) or raise (boost) a consistently non-standard voltage a small amount, usually 5-27%. An example is that the high leg of incoming power is often 208V, while the equipment to be used on that line demand 230V service to run properly without damage.

Buck Boost Transformer Installations are more efficient and cheaper than using a step up or step down transformer as they do not need to be wired to handle the entire load. Usually, they are wired in as an autotransformer, which is to say, the buck or boost load is wired in series with the full incoming power so that the output voltage falls or raises to the proper amount to meet the power needs of the application for that line.


Since the circuit is in series when used as an autotransformer there is no isolation of current. (In uses where this type of connection is not used the Buck Boost Transformer Installation is as an isolation transformer.)

To buck the voltage the secondary is wired through one of the legs of the incoming power before it reaches the primary. The current passes through the secondary, reaches the primary circuit, which is hooked in parallel to the load, continues to the load and passes on through and returns down the line to the other lead of the primary and is connected to the other incoming power lead. This results in the voltage being diminished by the value of the secondary which is induced by the primary; incoming voltage minus secondary voltage rating equals final voltage delivered.

Buck circuits reduce by introducing the secondary prior to the primary.

To boost the voltage the secondary is wired on one of the legs following the primary that leads to the load. The current passes through the primary, which is connected across the lines in parallel to the load, passes through the secondary on the way to the load, passes through the load, and returns to the other connection to the primary to complete the circuit. The result is incoming voltage being added to induced voltage of secondary; Primary voltage plus secondary voltage rating equals final voltage delivered.

Boost circuits Introduce the secondary after the primary.

Another use for Buck Boost Transformer Installation is for low power installations, like control panels, alarms, and low voltage lighting. These will be used as isolation transformers.

Most Buck Boost Transformers have at least four taps or connections which will allow it to be configured eight different ways. This makes them very versatile. But care must be taken to use the correct taps to create the desired buck or boost in the Buck Boost Transformer installation so as to arrive at the correct voltage. Errors here can result in underpowered applications and ultimate damage to installations or too much voltage which may be expressed as overheating of lines, motors, and such and perhaps even fires.

The following data is needed when determining which transformer you may need:

  • Line Voltage - A voltmeter can be used to measure
    the line supply.

  • Load Voltage - The nameplate on the equipment
    to be connected to the line will have this data.

  • Load kVA or Load Amps - One or the other is enough.
    This represents the total load of all equipment connected
    to the line.

  • Frequency - 50 or 60 Hertz. One must match the line frequency to the load. This will be part of what the
    transformer will be configured for.

  • Phase -  Single or three phase must also be matched;
    line to load.

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