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Low Voltage Applications

Buck Boost Transformer Installation  Three Phase Buck Boost Transformers  Low Voltage Applications  AC Line Reactors 
Acme Buck Boost Transformers  Hammond Buck Boost Transformers 
Jefferson Buck Boost Transformers  Other Popular Voltage Transformers  TEMCo Buck Boost Transformers

Acme carries a ful line of transformers including Buck Boost Transformers.

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Small kVA 3 Phase Transformers



Low Voltage ApplicationsLow Voltage Applications common to the use of Buck Boost Transformers include primary voltages running from 110V to 440V that convert  to secondary voltages commonly at 12 volts, but can also be 16, 24, 32 or 48 volts and may be custom made to service other voltages.

Low Voltage Applications may include circuits to power lighting and other installations for :

  • landscaping

  • Buildings and architectural surfaces
    (floodlights, tier lights and well lights)

  • Walkways and Steps

  • Flower and Rock Gardens

  • Security
    (remote sensors, motion detectors, alarm systems, etc.)

  • Deck and Surface Lighting

  • Driveways

  • Steps and Stairways

  • Control Panels

Additionally, newer technologies are coming along every day that are Low Voltage Applications suited for Buck Boost Transformers. A few of these are:

  • An increasing selection of indoor lighting
    and electrical applications

  • LED lighting

  • High Current/Low Voltage Microprocessor applications

Low Voltage Applications as listed above will require that you have a transformer of adequate size to power the total installation.

 Be sure to add up all the maximum wattages for each socket or connection along the single continuous circuit and remember to allow for the maximum future additions you might possibly wish to add. Remember also that It is cheapest and easiest at time of installation to provide for the future, so avoid skimping; you can allow up to 10% above current needs without qualm, and could go 50% higher. However, the more unused capacity, the more pressure will be on the existing lights or units and their life may be shortened.

Low Voltage Applications advantages:

  • Over-all cost will be lower

  • Greater efficiency, often including more per-watt light output

  • Less Heating

  • Reduced risk of electrical hazards, like shocks

  • Easier, cleaner installation: outdoor uses often do not demand conduit & boxes and can often remain above ground

  • Positioning of outdoor fixtures is often flexible and are easily relocated

Use the maximum allowable gauge wire for the job. If in doubt as to the load, use the next higher capacity wire. Low Voltage Applications are sensitive to the resistance in the wire, and a long run of say, over 60 to150 feet, may significantly reduce the capacity of the line and require a larger gauge wire.

When possible, choose to make several short runs from the transformer rather than one long run. This will even out the usage and help prevent dimming of lights due to longer runs. But also remember, when doing several runs, install a transformer with a rated capacity that will handle the total of all runs.

Remember also to include enough "slack" to move outdoor lights where positioning is flexible, and do all figures as to wire gauge necessary using total wire length, including the wire coming from the transformer to the first socket or connected device.

Check the following for examples of Transformer for Low Voltage Applications:

Hammond Buck Boost Transformers

Acme Buck Boost Transformers

TEMCo Buck Boost Transformers

Jefferson Buck Boost Transformers

Contact TEMCo for your Low Voltage Applications needs. TEMCo carries most major brands and offers competitive pricing with quick delivery.TEMCo offers many transformers for low votage applications. Custom-made products are also available.

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