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TEMCo carries a full line of transformers including all Transformers from other suppliers; Acme, Hammond and Jefferson Electric.

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Buck Boost Transformer Installation
Details and further information regarding installation and basic configurations.

Three Phase Buck Boost Transformers
Fundamental data with links to listings of transformers used in 3 phase applications.

Low Voltage Applications
A basic description and links to transformers recommended for low voltage applications.

AC Line Reactors
Adjust, block or otherwise handle unwanted power characteristics often generated during normal use of power in an area. Not to be confused with the need for a Buck Boost or other type Transformer.

Acme Buck Boost Transformers
A reliable leading American transformer distributing company.

Hammond Buck Boost Transformers
Originated as a family -owned and run company and is now a nation-wide distributor!

Jefferson Buck Boost Transformers
In business over 93 years; supplying a diverse selection of products to an equally diverse clientele.

Other Popular Voltage Transformers
Power transmission and distribution requires voltage and line characteristics to be altered and adjusted in several ways. Read up on what is generally available.

TEMCo Buck Boost Transformers
The fast-growing company that has taken a top niche in providing you with quality electrical transformers and power products.

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VARIAC Variable Transformer TVT001

Other Popular Voltage Transformers

There are many Other Popular Voltage Transformers available. The main categories fall into the following general types: 3 Phase Transformers, Single Phase Transformers, Isolation Transformers, Medical Isolation Transformers, Step Up Transformers, Step Down Transformers, Phase Converters and AC Line Reactors. While there may be others, they will usually be a subtype of one or more of the above. Custom built versions of Buck Boost Transformers and Other Popular Voltage Transformers can be ordered when production models do not fit the exact specs necessary to answer the specific application.

Each category of transformer addresses a distinct issue in transmission, distribution, or modification of electrical voltage and current. For this reason they may be wired differently from each other though the basic electrical relationships and mathematical formulas used are the same. 

Below is a short description and a link to a site for each of the categories of Other Popular Voltage Transformers as listed above:

Other Popular Voltage Transformers

3 Phase Transformers - Most transmission systems start out with 3 phase power as the power is produced via generators with three equally spaced wound circuits. Each of the three circuits is connected to an outgoing line that is carried throughout the transmission and distribution system until such time as single phase current is delivered to areas where that form of power is most useful. Step Up, Step Down, Buck Boost, Line Reactors, Isolation and Medical isolation Transformers can all be purchased in 3 phase configurations.

Single Phase Transformers - are found commonly in the local distribution phase of power transmission in neighborhoods, remote areas, and non-industrial areas, or are ganged up to function as 3 phase transformers.

Isolation Transformers - are generally not produced specifically to raise or lower voltage but to provide power that comes through two separated windings in which the power is induced from one to the other without an actual physical connection. There is usually some kind of extra insulation or shielding to prevent stray currents from bleeding between the two windings. The point in this is to eliminate stray DC currents, static and interference that may have been acquired in the transmission of the power.

Medical Isolation Transformers - As above, they perform the function of providing power not directly connected to the power source, but include being built to more rigorous governmental and safety specifications to protect personnel, expensive electronic equipment and patients who may come into contact with the equipment or electronics connected to the power source.

Step Up Transformers - When a major increase in voltage is desirable one of these will be employed. The most common use is directly after the original power generator where voltage is stepped up to enormous volumes. Since power is transmitted more efficiently the higher the voltage; the lower the current, and current falls in indirect proportion to a raise in voltage this significantly reduces the power lost to resistance. (Resistance is a function of the volume of current.) Smaller Step Up Transformers can also be used later in the distribution system when adding power from other local generation sources, or when there is a need to bring the voltage up to a higher constant.

Step Down Transformers -  are used later in the power transmission and distribution systems to reduce voltage to the more useful levels for local power. They may also be used to correct chronically high voltage conditions. 

Phase Converters - As previously mentioned, there may be a need in a local area to have a different phase style. If single phase is all that is available but equipment demanding 3 phase power is to be used, a phase converter is installed. The power will then efficiently run large motors, welders, CNC equipment, certain computer installations and such.

This is usually cheaper and more efficient than trying to run 3 phase from the original source as doing so may involve extensive and expensive installation of power lines and lengthy time delays in getting up and running

AC Line Reactors - use windings in a different way. There is one continuous wound coil, not two, as in the transformers above, The energy in the field around the coil has an inertia that will resist changes. There is a consequent delay in response to spikes and drops. This will result in a lowering of the peak voltage and a lengthening of time it takes to raise and lower. The tendency, then, is to correct the sinusoidal wave distortions in the AC current and eliminate undesirable effects of local electrical phenomena on the power flow in the line.

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