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Three Phase Buck Boost Transformers

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Three Phase Buck Boost TransformersThree Phase Buck Boost Transformers are available despite that Buck Boost Transformers are often described as small single phase products. The difference is that two or three single phase transformers can be ganged together separately, or combined on the same core, to service three phase operations. Most power is transmitted as three phase (each phase coming off one of three coils in the generators at the power station and transmitted on its own line). Because of this Three Phase Buck Boost Transformers will see much use along the distribution lines coming from the main power source.

Three Phase Buck Boost Transformers are much more economical to set up, just as their single phase counterparts are, since they are configured to handle larger loads by supplying only the additional amount of voltage to make up the difference when voltages are consistently low. And Three Phase Buck Boost Transformers are often critical to making sure applications running three phase motors (which are very common, especially in larger operations) and other devices run at optimum voltage since lower than optimum can cause overheating and other stresses that may well lead to early failure of the equipment. Similarly, Three Stage Buck Boost Transformers can be added into the service to protect equipment from too high a voltage that may also create stresses and early failures.

There are two basic three phase service wiring options; Delta and Wye or "Y". Their names are descriptive of the way their wiring appears on diagrams. The figure below illustrates this given in the same order. Note that we are seeing three wires indicated and this indicates that the service is three phase.

 Delta on the left and Wye on the right

Additionally, Delta can be wired as "open" or "closed", which simply means that the diagram above-left would show an open delta configuration as having only two of the three sides, while the existing diagram illustrates a closed delta option.

Wye, however, is the only one that will allow for a neutral, which would join at the common central connection. The greatest advantage of the Wye configuration is that phase to neutral voltage is the same for each of the three legs.  Wye allows for differing voltages when wired on the separate lines phase to phase.  Wye is desirable in many installations, as in home and small shop, so as to allow power to be split off for motors at the same time supplying standard lighting and household current services in the United States. It is often the case that a power service will already have been converted from Delta to Wye prior to where a Three Phase Buck Boost Transformer would be needed.

This shows a Wye three phase circuit with ground and neutral and how 12V and 208V are derived.

The primary circuits are often wired in Delta or Wye, while the secondary circuits are wired in the other. Combinations described below exist for various purposes.

If incoming power is 4 wire Wye, then three single phase Buck Boost Transformers should be used with the output wired in either 3 or 4 wire Wye. If a 3 wire Wye ( no neutral) is providing on the input, two Buck Boost Transformers would be used wired in open Delta. If from a closed Delta service, output should be in 3 wire open Delta.

Never attempt making a three phase 4 wire Wye circuit from a three phase 3 wire Delta circuit because a Buck Boost Transformer cannot develop enough current capacity to handle unbalanced current flows in the neutral wire of the circuit.

Similarly, do not attempt a 3 or 4 wire Wye output circuit from an incoming open Delta circuit.

Finally, Avoid making a 3 wire closed Delta output circuit when matched against an incoming 4 wire Wye circuit.

For models of Three Phase Buck Boost Transformers to handle bucking to low voltage circuits, check out the listings on the Hammond Buck Boost Transformers page. When wired as autotransformers they also can be used to correct for higher voltage applications. The  Jefferson Buck Boost Transformer page lists some fine examples of Buck Boost Transformers for Adjusting line voltages to standard.

Contact TEMCo for your Three Phase Buck Boost Transformer needs. TEMCo carries most major brands and offers competitive pricing with quick delivery.Three Phase Buck Boost Transformers can be hooked up in diverse wiring configurations depending on their application. Custom-made products are also available.

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